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Take the Risk Out of Homebuying

What does this mean?

This program allows you to be completely approved through underwriting BEFORE writing an offer. All that we would need to close on your home would be an appraisal, title work, and any property specific documents. We are so confident that you will close on your home, that we are taking things a step further. If the loan does not close due to an underwriting oversight on our part, we will double your earnest money back, up to $15,000. That's a lot of money!

How does this help you?

It gives you peace of mind. In the event that the contract does not close due to an underwriting oversight on our part, we will double your earnest money back up to $15,000. This removes a lot of the risk and stress for you. In addition, this guarantee:

  • Allows you to be approved through underwriting before putting in an offer.
  • Gives you peace of mind that the loan has been fully reviewed by an underwriter.
  • Allows for shorter closing time.
  • Less stress for you!
  • Shortened or no financing contingency.

What is required to qualify?

1. Apply online, right here on this website!

2. Submit the required documentation.

We will review and prepare the documents for underwriting. The underwriter will review the file and request any additional documentation. Once everything has been cleared by underwriting, we will issue you a certificate as proof of your guarantee.

Let us help you take some stress out of the mortgage process. 
Don't hesitate to call with any questions!
guarantee this can help you!

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