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100% Financing | FHA 203(h) Disaster Relief Loan Overview

What is FHA 203(h)? 

This is a specialty FHA loan program designed to help victims of presidentially declared disasters such as Hurricane Ian. This program provides up to 100% financing to help these victims purchase new homes after theirs have been damaged or destroyed by natural disaster to such an extent that reconstruction is necessary. 

FHA 203(h) Quick Info: 

  • Up to 100% financing available 

  • Available for primary residence only 

  • Available for homeowners & renters  

  • Homeowners & renters displaced by a disaster, such as Hurricane Ian, may be eligible to purchase a new home with 100% financing. 

  • Eligibility for this program begins as soon as the US President declares the disaster, and remains for one year from that date of declaration  

  • Purchase a home for primary residence to replace your flood damaged home or apartment. 

  • Options available for no out-of-pocket expense with seller paying closing costs. 

  • New residence can be located anywhere in the United States. 


Who is eligible for this program?  

To qualify for this program the borrower’s home must have been destroyed or severely damaged and be located within a presidentially declared disaster area. The previous home or apartment may have been owned or rented, and the damage to such an extent that reconstruction is necessary. 

It is still necessary for the borrower to qualify for the new loan. Eligibility will be determined by examining the borrowers’ income, assets, liabilities, and credit history and score, as well as the market value and condition of the property to be financed. The damage of the previous residence must also be documented. 

This program can be used by first time home buyers or existing homeowners to purchase a new property with no down payment. One of the few 100% purchase financing options available, designed to help victims of disasters to become homeowners and have a safe place to live.  


Why us? 

First, we want to say that we are here for you. We have experienced first-hand the devastation of a major hurricane, and all of the tough times after. We know what you are going through and we genuinely want to help. Times like these help to bring the community together to rebuild and come back stronger. We want to be a part of that and help in the ways that we know how.  

We were in your shoes just 4 years ago with Michael. We know what you are going through and want to help you in this time of need. Our experience with hurricane Michael allowed us to become experts on these loans.   

This is us rebuilding our own home:

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