Hey Hero Program

Military & Veterans • Law Enforcement • EMS • Teachers 

As a thank you to the heroes in our community we have created a
special program for these individuals. Eligible borrowers will receive
$1,000 towards their closing costs!

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Qualified borrowers can receive $1,000 toward their closing costs. Eligible borrowers include the following:


  • Full-time state or federal accredited public and private/charter school employees are eligible — including school nurse, teacher, librarian, guidance counselor, janitor, cafeteria staff, teachers aide or administrative employees.
  • Exclusions: Substitute or temporary employees, retired employees, and academic levels beyond high school.


  • Full-time and volunteer employees serving in federal, state, or local government emergency medical departments, private EMS departments, or firefighting agencies.
  • Examples of eligible workers include emergency medical technicians, licensed paramedics, emergency care attendants, dispatchers, firefighters, fire educators, fire trainers, fire inspectors, arson investigators, and fire administrators.
  • Exclusions: Temporary employees, contract employees and retired employees.

Law Enforcement: 

  • Full-time law enforcement employees serving in local, state, or federal agencies.

  • Examples of eligible workers include police officers, state troopers, deputies, dispatchers, probation officers, detectives, administrative staff, etc.

  • Exclusions: Temporary employees, contract employees, retired employees, and volunteers.

Active Military & Veterans:

  • Active Military and veterans are eligible.
  • Examples of eligible workers include All active-duty, retired, and reserve service members of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Space Force.
  • Exclusions: Civilian workers of the DOD


Eligible Borrowers to receive a lender credit of $1,000 toward closing costs. One credit per purchase. Lender credit to be applied prior to closing. Available to those Eligible Borrowers who satisfy one of the above criteria. The property being purchased or refinanced must be the buyer’s primary residence. All loans must meet Vic Fin lending guidelines and additional restrictions may apply. Must be closed and funded in house, Down Payment assistance and  brokered loans are not eligible. Offer is subject to change or may be discontinued at any time. All loans subject to credit and property approval.